You have everything you need – wisdom, strength, beauty, grace – inside of you.
It’s always been there.




When we practice, we evolve…

This is the power and beauty of yoga and I believe that the regular practice of yoga can transform us.

See her glow…

The physical benefits of yoga are easy to see.

Think of an Amazon warrior – strong muscles, a healthy body, standing oh-so-tall against whatever life throws at her. Her movements are infused with ease and grace; light as a feather but feet grounded firmly on the earth.

She moves with intelligence. Intuitively.

No strain, no stress; it’s just innate. The wisdom of yoga has entered her body and is now part of her.

This is how yoga transforms our bodies: into glowing, radiant, strong-and-supple warriors. Our spines unfold, our muscles stretch out, our tensions unravel. This is how your body wants to move. This is how we once moved all the time, as children:

open, uninhibited, free.

Yoga can restore this freedom.

An inside job

But yoga’s real power is in what it does for us on the inside. The strength and flexibility that it brings to our bodies is mirrored in what it does for our hearts and minds.

Those who commit to regular practice know the real secret: what you learn on the mat infuses all other areas of your life…

I am a friend and a guide. A sister, and partner in crime. I travel the world teaching yoga to students to help them experience the amazing benefits of yoga, inside and out.


I believe that we are all yogis (most of us just don’t know) and that life – both on and off the mat – should be an adventurous, playful journey towards freedom, and towards your truth. This truth includes a very full heart, a still mind and amazing physical wellness.


I’m not here to be a guru, or to reinvent the wheel pose. What I teach has been taught for thousands of years. The postures and beliefs are nothing new.


What is new is how I guide my students and mentees towards themselves. In a mindful, engaging and fresh way. Facing yourself, alone in your bow pose, does not have to be scary or strict. In my classes, my students laugh, release, sink deeper, fly higher, let go.


I help beautiful, amazing people to feel and reconnect with themselves. The emphasis is on dissolving the layers ‘til it’s just you and your breath, centred and connected, in tune with your inner wisdom.


And then – the truly transformational part – to take that feeling with you as you journey through your daily life.


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