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As a former high school educator, growing as a yoga teacher and building a healthy business has been a challenging, yet rewarding journey.

There are questions that can’t be covered in the context of a yoga teacher training, but that will come up once you start teaching. If you are looking for answers to those questions and desire personal support, then I’d like to invite you to my one-on-one mentorship program.


The Progression Sessions

The curriculum we’ll work with is a personalised version of The Professional Yogis masterclasses which I developed and presented in the past.


For Yoga Teachers

The mentorship program is for yoga teachers who want to tune into their own voice and develop fundamental teaching and business skills.


Over the years, I’ve had the chance to: 

• create classes, workshops and retreats that filled up with students who said ‘yes’ to my yoga and continued to return.

• teach at various international yoga festivals and conferences.

• travel overseas to Europe to present workshops at yoga schools and conferences.

• collaborate with amazing teachers nationally and internationally.

• be featured on blogs, in books, interviews and online programs.

• write The Clean Yogi.

• speak on stage with Chef Pete Evans and Joshua Rosenthal (Founder of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition).

• create and facilitate classes, workshops and retreats all over the world.

• work in education, being actively involved in curriculum design and evaluation.

• mentor yoga teachers one-on-one.

• leave my corporate career in the education sector behind.


You don’t have to want to do all this. Yet…


If you

~ are getting excited thinking about your work as a yoga teacher

~ can’t wait to share this ancient tradition in the most authentic, professional, heartfelt way



But you still have questions like


I did a yoga teacher training, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to teach?

How do I set up my first classes? How do I organise and promote a retreat?

How do I find my own voice (and what does ‘finding your voice’ actually really mean)?

I lack of creativity? How can I design classes that are inspiring and my students never get bored of?

There are so many other yoga teachers out there, how can I find students?

How can I create, organise and promote my classes, workshops, courses and retreats?

Do I need a fancy website?

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Do I have to use social media at all?

Is it yogic to promote myself? 

I don’t like marketing myself  — what can I do about it?

What is a yoga teacher marketing plan and why do I need it?

How can I come across as authentic and not as sales-y when promoting my services?

How can I effectively and efficiently prepare and plan my classes?

How to film my yoga classes without having experience in filming / editing / spending a fortune on equipment?


Then this may be something for you. 


How we work together

I can work with you locally, or virtually. The first step will be to fill out an application form (request here). I will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your application and we will work from there to create a mentoring program that will support you in meeting your goals.


During our time together I want you to get comfortable, and see it as your safe, creative and evolutionary time and space for growth.


:: In our consult you will receive straight forward, honest and constructive feedback.

:: Our conversations will be dynamic, goal-oriented and fuelled by pure energy and kindness.

:: I will help you take the necessary action-steps to achieve your desired results based on accountability.

:: I help you to realistically own your why and define success.

:: You will (re-)learn to trust and believe in yourself, your gifts and abilities.

:: In order to run a healthy business, your own health and wellbeing is crucial.

:: We will look at how you can create and maintain a home practice that inspires your development as a yoga practitioner and teacher.

:: If necessary we will talk about nutrition, exercise and the holistic balance between business, teaching and living wholeheartedly.

:: I help you identify your road blocks and inspire you to break through your present plateaus.

:: You’ll begin with a questionnaire to clarify your goals for our work together.

:: You will also receive your coaching sessions notes, action plans to keep your vinyasa in motion

:: Plus email support between sessions to help you evolve and bring your visions to life.



Don’t hide behind your chai latte…

If you are a yoga teacher or teacher trainee who wants to harness the support of a coach and mentor in the progressions to start and leverage your yoga teaching and business, including all the things you need to know related to your website, social media, your lovely clients, networking, curriculum design and class planning (plus a whole heap more amazing details you probably don’t even know you need), this is what I can offer. 


Depending on your needs our consult includes


:: development & professional feedback on enjoyable, effective, timesaving and student-centred class & curriculum design

:: creative and skillful teaching methods that highlight your personal style and areas of interest

:: assistance creating and bringing to fruition goals  for your own yoga practice, your teaching and/or business

:: tools and tips on time management and business optimisation

:: mindful marketing and authentic messaging to help you leverage your true you (this, is powerful)

:: development of your manifesto & mission statement , identification of  your voice

:: support in design, organisation and execution of necessary bits and pieces + the marketing for your yoga retreats and workshops

:: tips and techniques on how to produce your own YouTube videos

:: templates, worksheets, soul inquiring questionnaires galore

:: and much more.


I am a supportive, neutral space that shows up with 100% presence to encourage, and challenge you to push the ceilings you have built on your growth and success.

My life’s work is to empower people to live their truth and be authentic.





Investment & Commitment |  AUD $175 (plus 10% GST if applicable) for 1  x 60 minute session plus a 30 minute follow up call (price payable in full at time of booking), can be transferred to BIG WAVES PACKAGE


The SOUL WAVE session is one part soul seeds discovery, one part goal-exploration and one part commitment to your future. You’ll begin with a series of self-inquiry prompts via the pre-session questionnaire to give me a glimpse into the obstacles that are standing between you and your goals as well as what you are passionate about right now.

Your consultation will be focused and decisive.  You’ll fly away with a series of action tools to move you forward in whatever you are wanting to achieve whether it be starting or growing your tribe on- and offline, your newsletter, sequencing, the art of adjustment and more.

Enquire | Request your application form here and I will get in touch with you within 48 hours.



Investment & Commitment | 

Wave 1 –   AUD $150  (1 session / month for 6 months)

Wave 2 –  AUD $300 (2 sessions / month for a minimum of 3 months)

(plus 10% GST if applicable, tax deductible) payable monthly


We’ll begin with a no cost consultation chat— 20 minutes, via phone or Skype. (That is – if you want one! Some people dive right in.) Just you and me, and a cuppa or a smoothie if you like.

From there, it’s time to get onto the THE BIG WAVES. You’ll receive an exploratory questionnaire to clarify your goals for our work together, along with our coaching sessions, session notes and action plans to keep your momentum alive, with email support between sessions. 

Request | your application form here and I will get in touch with you within 48 hours.





“Alexa, thank you again for all your wisdom, insight, belief and never holding back from saying what’s true during out sessions together. You’re a great coach, a fantastic yoga teacher and invaluable mentor.You showed me that I don’t have to be held captive by my fears. This was the biggest breakthrough for me.

You created a space for me to find my feet, hear my inner voice and feel confident with where i’m at on my teaching journey and to have fun with it.

If I didn’t find your mentor program one week before I completed teacher training I know I would have reverted to old behaviors and told myself I am not ready to start teaching and waited for the next course to feel “ready”. This was the most important decision I’ve made to date other than the initial training itself.
Having someone so established in the yoga community to ask questions, bounce ideas off and to be a cheerleader for me was absolutely priceless.
Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me as I am now teaching regular classes, living my dream waking up every day so grateful to be here.

From my heart, the biggest thank you.”  – Kristy Da Silva,



“A Catalyst for Change. Alexa has put together a much-needed program with the Professional Yogis. I found the training to be completely engaging and inspiring…It was a total immersion into developing a “heart-centred” business as a yoga teacher, and how to go beyond that role to diversify your yoga further.

For me, it was the opportunity to interact with like-minded souls, to bounce ideas off one another and be supported throughout the business discovery sessions which were the most valuable for me.
Now, I feel empowered and equipped to use my teacher training as a springboard to a broader career as a Professional Yogi! Another workshop attendee and myself were so motivated from the event that we are create and developing a workshop and retreat series as we speak”! – Cindra Banks, Yoga Teacher,



“For me the professional yogis course has been so deeply beneficial.
Alexa is so good at asking questions and generating discussion in a way that really draws out what your own truth is. I found it so valuable to spend extended time really looking at WHY it is I love yoga and want to share it with people- the absolute profound simplicity of this has given me so much confidence and direction. For me the workshop was about distilling clarity and creating some really workable structure and support too. It has made a huge impact on me and how I feel about growing my business with love, authenticity and a desire to truly stand out and make a difference.” – Kristin Nelson,



“Alexa’s training was a refreshing journey into remembering why
I love yoga, why I teach yoga and honouring what is inspirational and meaningful
to me – a natural and joyful place from which to promote myself.
We received a well researched and beautifully presented workshop with plenty of self-enquiry
and practical tools/steps/notes to take home – now, my journey continues. Thanks
Alexa, you are your message!” – Jen Jacobs,



“The Professional Yogis event put together by Alexa served to not only inspire my soul, but to give me the tools to start putting my ideas and plans into action. As a soon-to-be yoga teacher, I found this program so helpful to cut through to the core of where I want to be, why I want to be there and how to begin that journey. In this supportive environment, I found I was accepted and challenged in a way that was positive and uplifting. The tools that I have been armed with will be useful in any type of brand building, not just yoga teaching. In fact, I’ve already started using them within my t-shirt business! I have no hesitation in recommending Alexa’s Professional Yogis program to anyone who comes my way and I know that everyone will get something out of it.” – Cat Mead – Yoga Teacher,