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AWAKENING FLUID – FASCIA VINYASA YOGA In this signature class Alexa will introduce you to the concept of fascia vinyasa yoga, a nutritious practice that your connective tissue will love. Based on the newest research of fascia science, the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli and somatic awareness meditation you will be guided to find your own understanding of the body. Experience a practice that creates a continuous dialogue between the internal and external awareness of your being. Find fluidity in the spine and stability in the core whilst moving through your body of innerness. Discover freedom of movement, confidence, and the integrity of your own physical expression. 


WEIGHTLESSNESS (myofascial alignment / fascia yoga) Like a surfer riding a wave, you learn how to be committedly grounded on your feet, yet ultra light and open in your postures and movements. While we flow through a fluid practice, using the simple principles of continuous alignment and mindful movement, we allow lightness and openness, steadiness and ease into all postures. Through an exploration of the qualities that build the foundation of our ever-evolving yoga practice and the way how we live —qualities such as curiosity, courage, confidence, faith, self-compassion, emancipation, and community— we will play not only with making every move more effortless, but also with bringing this liberating lightness into every day.


AWAKE (introduction to Scaravelli yoga & myofascial alignment) Bring more awe into the now! In the days of information overload, we increasingly lose the ability to focus, settle peacefully into quiet, or even listen with true curiosity. This Kundalini-inspired, alignment-based Hatha vinyasa yoga class will identify and shake out patterns that block our ability to wake up, focus, and feel more alive. Through the repeated act of slowing down and finding stillness, experience how the body and mind are being held by the universe and remember that it’s okay to let go and build trust that all things fall into place as they should. Reconnect with wonder as you move into the presence of your own truth: the embodiment of the divine, within and without.


FLUID CORE (fluid core/psoas explorations) Fluid is the medium of life. We all begin life in the medium of fluid, it surrounds, moves, and nourishes us. Our very core is dynamic, moving with oceanic fluidity; thus we carry the oceanic nature within our whole being. In this class we will tune in to, gradually build awareness of, and reconnect with the pulsations of our own fluid core. The spine emerged from the ocean, and our own spines still reflect this oceanic nature. However, our spines (and often our minds!) can become fused and stiff from repetitive movement, cultural attitudes, and thinking theories. This is detrimental to our individual evolution and thriving. By deepening our core awareness, we awaken and access the influence of fluid once again. Awareness brings us to acceptance, problem-solving strategies, and action. Awareness is the first step for self-growth and transformation and the doorway for all evolution.



TEACHER WORKSHOPS (3-4 h’s)  &  TRAININGS (20 & 50 h’s)







When speaking about flexibility, our fascia, the connective tissue that holds us together is in main focus.

This doesn’t mean that muscles are no longer important, but it’s our fascia that is responsible for movement, stability and flexibility.


// So what is exactly is fascia? What does tensegrity mean? And what do these two have to do with our yoga practice?

// What are the Anatomy Trains and how do they help us to bring us into a deeper experience of yoga asana?

// How can we use the Anatomy trains to refine our cueing?

// How can we implement fascia stimulating and hydrating movements into our own yoga practice & classes?

// Why do yoga styles like Tara Judelle’s Embodied Flow, Continuum Movement and Natural Movement a la Ido Portal practice are becoming more and more popular.

// Why is ‘stretching’ our tissues actually not the right thing to do? Plus a brief excursion into the possible dangers of Yin yoga.

// An insight into Scaravelli Yoga and a taste of Fascia Vinyasa Yoga.


This workshop is informed by Alexa’s extensive studies and practice of Scaravelli Inspired and Iyengar informed yoga, her passion for fascia science and her studies in KMI Structural Integration (as developed by Tom Myers).


You’ll walk away with hand-outs and ideas to enrich your practice and teaching with the findings and understanding of the contemporary fascia research; and a feeling of increased fluidity and ease in your body.


Learn about

– the 101 of fascia (beyond what you may already know through your yin or other TT modules)
– the Anatomy Trains (Tom Myers) and their meaning and utilisation in your yoga class
– how to cue/teach myo-fascial awareness
– how to train fascia effectively and safely for hydration, elasticity and glide
– basic myo-fascial self-release techniques (are you still rolling?) for teachers and student adjustments
– concluded with a delicious fascia vinyasa flow







// Fundamentals of Fascia Science, Fascia Health and Hygiene

// Blueprint of Fascia Vinyasa Yoga in detail and application

// the Myofascial Meridians in detail

// the Myofascial Meridians in action

// Level 1 Fascia Flow Movements and Example Sequences

// Level 1 Imagery & Cueing

// Practice and Teaching of Somatic Awareness Meditation

// extensive, comprehensive manual

// myofascial release tools


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// Level 2 Fascia Flow Movements and Sequences and Fascia Health and Hygiene

// Therapeutics of Fascia Yoga

// Fascia Vinyasa Yoga Advanced Sequencing

// Progressive Teaching & Differentiation for Class, Course, Retreat and Training Settings (Define / Refine / Redefine Yoga Matrix)

// Level 2 Advanced Imagery & Cueing

// Advanced Practice and Teaching of Somatic Awareness Meditation

// myofascial release practices and tools

// extensive, comprehensive manual


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This workshop is for yoga teachers who want to hone in on their teaching skills and grow professionally.

Intelligent, intuitive sequencing creates a safe practice, balance in the body, mind and soul, as well as a deep transformative experience.

In this workshop you will learn how to break down unfamiliar postures with ease, weave in the chosen theme skillfully and give your students an experience that transmits your personal message as a teacher.

The Art of Sequencing workshop will give you both, formulaic and creative approaches to design and teach authentic, intelligent and effective sequences.

You will also be given the tools, inspiration and a wealth of resources to sequence for every posture category in a concise and logical way, deepen your proficiency of the postures and will refine your ability to express your voice as a teacher.


Theory & Practice:

– The ‘Integrative Sequencing’ Formula
– Tips and tools to make a yoga class a remarkable yoga class (professional and creative cueing tips and techniques)
– Intelligent, anatomically/energetically informed, safe sequencing

+ Selected exercises from the Professional Yogis Training (


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