[o] by Pete Longworth


My style  Free.

My yoga studies and practice is influenced by the teachings of  Eve Grzybowski (Iyengar lineage) and Diane Long (direct student of Vanda Scaravelli), as well as my training in KMI Structural Integration with Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains).


Conjointly with my background in biological sciences, physical education and my interest in nutrition, movement and the field of fascia science  Fascia Vinyasa Yoga crystallized.


My intention

I believe in the refinement of movement, space and stillness. My intention is to inspire a passion for yoga and to give you competence and confidence for your movement practice and life, in order to live with a strong sense of ease and freedom.


I believe yoga reveals our truth. We begin to question about our self-limiting believes and what we can achieve. Through yoga we can discover our own potential and I feel blessed to help people through this process with care and compassion seeing them connect their strength, freedom and joy.


My mission

To translate and teach the science of yoga in a way that it’s accessible, empowering and healing.

My aim is to create an atmosphere that leads to learning and growth, fosters community and gives back to others in order to attain sustainable inner peace, health and joy.

Being a teacher is my dharma. And I tirelessly lean in towards you to reach, to show; until you will find your own rhythm, your own your style, your way of moving, breathing and living mindfully.




WHAT I TEACH – progression, empowerment, emancipation 


My Hatha Vinyasa classes combine the intentions of ‘Vanda Scaravavelli-inspired Yoga’ and Iyengars’s attention to anatomical alignment and detail with a mindfully sequenced flow.


Fascia Vinyasa Yoga is a complementary practice to other forms of yoga, exercise, and movement. In Fascia Vinyasa Yoga we use myo-fascia stimulating exercises, asanas and sequences to learn how to move with more fluency and energy efficiency; to re-hydrate and bring more elasticity to our fascial network, to improve our sense of innerness and to discover the spaces in between.



– Class & Training Offerings –


:: Fascia Vinyasa Yoga


:: Define Yoga (Beginners / Intermediate)

:: Refine Yoga (Intermediate / Advanced)

:: Re-Define Yoga / Scaravelli inspired Yoga (Intermediate / Advanced)

:: Yoga Elixir (Yin/ Restorative – All Levels)



What’s important to me

The transition.  The pose in between the pose. Where are you now? Where do you want to go? What are you doing? Breathe and move from here.


Organic Waves

Through the application of traditional Hatha Vinyasa sequencing and Kundalini Kriyas, I create waves of motion and emotions. Waves of stillness, of the seasons, and of awareness. The waves in a class are like those in life: through flux, change and moments of stillness, we build resilience and grace. When we know how to ride the waves of energy within our bodies, we can meet them in our outer world with ease and lightness.



Through correct alignment, we learn to practise safely, begin to utilise the muscles effectively and build strength and tone. We also start to tune in to the passage of energy through our bodies. The foundational alignment skills I teach, will revolutionise your postures, your practice and your life. The transformation through alignment from the inside out is powerful and will help you to stay in your integrity on and off the mat.


Fluid Core Connection

Connect to your somatic core, and a wellspring of your inner wisdom and strength becomes accessible. Being connected and grounded on the earth has a wonderful way of keeping us connected and grounded in life. From this place of groundedness and core connection, authenticity, self-respect, love and integrity we are able to express ourselves fluidly and freely.




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Dive a little deeper


I avoid strict definitions. I often describe the yoga I know as being inspired by my teachers and by my students, yet being my very own expression of life and living more consciously.


It’s about moving from a place of self-compassion and kindness. Moving within the natural framework of who we are. Without pushing and pulling, but rather moving with intention and in relation to what is. It’s about ease.


It’s about gliding into poses and finding stability in the momentary decisions we make. It’s becoming present during the ride. Over and over again. Whether in the barrel of a wave or the stretch of a handstand. Don’t do too much, nor too little. You will fall off your surfboard, or out of your tree pose.


Consistent practice brings this presence. You will learn to read the waves — whether the expressions of waves in the ocean, the waves of energy in your body, or the energetic ripples that thrum through your spirit. These waves will be ever new and always changing, asking only that you be in the moment.


I believe that everything is fluid, dynamic, uncertain. So if we move from within with the awareness of this flux, we can create stability through exact bodily alignment, as tailored to an individual’s needs.


Being on the yoga mat is an adventure in itself. It’s a process of discovery, – standing up for your ideas, being one with nature, immersed fully in the organic expressions that mother nature gifts to us.


In all of these states — yoga, surfing, floating, life in general — there are no rules. No way to predict what’s coming next. No posture you know you have to be in. You align yourself with the moment and sometimes you discover the wealth and resourcefulness of your very true nature. Just like that.