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Join Alexa for her 9th time on Viti Levu for this transformational yoga retreat at one of the cutest and most exclusive resorts in Fiji located on the tropical Coral Coast surrounded by a fringing reef providing us with a calm picturesque beachfront and great reef breaks for swimming, snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding and surfing.


This retreat combines daily yoga, meditation and breathing, self-inquiry, myo-fascial release, paddle board yoga (optional), surfing (optional) and a super healthy, delicious menu with plenty of time to wind down.


Immerse yourself in yoga and meditation, refresh or deepen your connection to your yoga practice and a life that feels empowered, present and light.




With its 12 luxury eco huts, Matanivusi offers a peaceful and pure experience. You’ll be surrounded by coconut trees, the sound of the ocean and the cool breeze of the warm sea.




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Your room has private access to the beach, which is only a few meters away.








// Shared / private accommodation in one of the spacious bures with private, direct beach access
// 3 x  nourishing, scrumptious, healthy meals per day (catered for all dietary needs)
// 2 x yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathing) sessions per day (suitable for all levels of experience)
// Customised health and wellness workshops
// Hikes – Tours – Swimming – surfing – snorkelling – stand-up paddle-boarding – SUP yoga – boat trips to the outer reefs
// Free The Clean Yogi book and live workshop
// 45 min myo-fascial release treatment
// Use of mats and yoga props
// Relaxed Schedules
// Quiet time, just for you, your book and your dreams.
// Connect with yourself and with others after a day in paradise while hot-tubbing-it in the ocean view spa











Nestled between the white sandy beach and a meandering creek, the resort has been developed to protect its amazing location.

Enjoy the rich unique environment at eco-friendly Matanivusi.  Matanivusi Resort, situated on the Coral Coast on the main island of Fiji, Viti Levu, is the ideal place to get away from it all.



// Rest and recharge
// Deepen your connection to your heart through yoga and meditation

// Learn the art of Fascia Vinyasa Yoga (You will love this!)
// Become more grounded and present
// Relax on the white sand beach or in a hammock
// Enjoy sunsets in peace and stillness
// Nourish your body with delicious, nutritious, fresh food
// Experience the culture of Fiji. Meet the locals and learn something new at Vunaniu Village
// Snorkel in the crystal clear lagoon



TRAVEL Flights from Sydney to Nadi – flights from US$450 / AUD$600

ARRIVE Sunday, 16th of July 2017

DEPARTURE Saturday, 22 of July 2017

Feel free to arrive a day early and/or stay longer if room availability allows.*

*additional costs apply



EARLY BIRD US$1900 twin share, all inclusive (ends March 15, 2017)

FULL PRICE US $2200 twin share, all inclusive


*US $302.20/ AUD $400 non-refundable deposit must be made at the time of booking to secure the spot.



Bank transfer: Alexa Nehter, ANZ Bank, BSB 012626 Acc No. 188 671 796

OR using your credit card or paypal account via PayPal



Note: Before booking, please read the Retreat Policies.

Matanivusi Resort  


Surrender yourself to paradise at Matanivusi Surf Resort Fiji.  Fiji’s newest resort specifically built for discerning travelers who want pure relaxation, seclusion, service and satisfaction.

Matanivusi Surf Resort Fiji is the ideal getaway with some of the best beaches, lagoons, reefs and surf in Fiji.





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You know those people you’d like to bottle up and take a quick swig of when you’re feeling ungrounded and overwhelmed. When you’re feeling a little lost and directionless. When you’re questioning your path and trying to find clarity. Well this lady is one of mine. I just feel centred and inspired when I’m around her. Like I can do anything, which of course I can. We need these people in our lives, not that they have any idea how much they offer. They’re just doing their thing the best way they know how. But for the rest of us they teach and guide, providing a reflection back to us that is full of anchored beauty. Dipping into that reflection (which really is our own reflection) balances us. Without it toxic voices can creep in and conflicting energy can take over. We return from the connection, and from the reflection, with renewed faith. After venturing out to  Alexa‘s magical island and diving into the most magical day (aka one on one yoga and cups of tea in the most zen’d oasis) I have released some self sabotage and am readier than I’ve ever been for my next step. So much love and gratitude to you special lady. You are a true mentor and a ‘juicy’ friend.”

– Nicky Done / Health and Wellness Blogger, Holistic Healer, / Tamworth – NSW

“My life had become a daily endurance race peppered with fatigue, irritability, disillusionment and disconnectedness.  I no longer recognised who I was and struggled to understand how I’d worked so hard to get exactly the life I didn’t want.

I’d forgotten who I was and had stopped nuturing myself.  I just dragged myself reluctantly through each day.  And at the end of the day when I hadn’t achieved what I wanted, didn’t exercise, didn’t eat as well as I could have, I would beat myself up even more.  I had lost the tools to live my best life and was too tired to rediscover them.  But in my deepest core, I knew yoga was healing for me.  I just constantly struggled to get myself to the mat as often as I wanted to.

I  had very few hesitations before booking into the retreat.  I felt a little guilty taking the time off work and wasn’t sure if I really needed to spend that much money on myself.  It seemed a little self-indulgent.  Looking at this now, this is all ridiculous and it was just my negative thought patterns and behaviors that were constantly not recognising where I was at and what I was really needing for myself.

I cannot think of a single type of person that won’t benefit in someway from Alexa’s Fiji retreat.  You don’t even need to be a serious yogi at all.  It is all there for you to take or leave as much as you want to.  The time-creation and magically healing environment alone will make you want to hit the yoga mat everyday.  But if that’s not for you just give yourself the peace, sit in your amazing Bure, eat the incredible food, absorb the stillness, soak up the sun and take the time that you deserve, that only you can gift to yourself.  You will continue to feel the shift in yourself and the benefits when you return home.  

I had the opportunity to experience the benefits of a daily yoga practice and gained the confidence to cultivate a simple yoga practice for myself at home.  My alignment, awareness and core strength has improved.  I also got some insight into other yoga styles and mindfulness practices which I’ve continued to use.  The workshops were a wealth of information and helped me learn more about myself and ways I can live a healthier lifestyle with greater vitality.

My surfing lesson was an absolute high-light!  Alexa makes you feel instantly at ease and she was so approachable and receptive all week.  She really made me feel that she was there entirely for me and was prepared to help me in any ways I sought – including nutrition advice, reading material, Ayurvedic information and other retreats or meditation practices that I could explore.  I loved trying out some Kundalini yoga as well.  I think overall the best thing that Alexa did so well was cultivating a full week of twice daily yoga that never made me feel sore, overworked or exhausted.  Each class was tailored to the students, she really was there for us.”

~ Ann-Maree Barnes,  Anesthetist & Yoga Teacher, Adelaide, SA



“Before attending the Fiji  retreat I had experienced a lot of changes in every dimension of my life and wanted to capitalise on this natural opportunity to embed new habits and new intentions into my life. I didn’t want to fall back into my old routines, to get stuck in a rut and never really making progress towards the things I kept telling myself I wanted to achieve…without ever quite putting them into practice.

I hesitated at first because I was unsure about my yoga ability. Although I’ve been practising yoga on and off for around seven years now, it’s been more off than on, and I found the idea of practising yoga everyday simultaneously exhilarating and intimidating. And I also wondered “what will my family/friends/workmates think of me for taking a week off just to go sit on the beach and do yoga?” It’s so hard to find time for ourselves in this modern world where we are all connected to each other, all the time, but without really *connecting*. Everyone asks more and more of themselves and of each other, without stopping to think about the cost. If you’re hesitating about whether this is “the right thing to do”, you’re EXACTLY the kind of person who needs to put their foot down and say no, this is my time.

You can’t nurture others if you aren’t fulfilled in yourself, and do you even know what that feels like anymore? I didn’t. I needed to remember who I was, what I wanted out of life, what was really important to me and why, what lay beneath the surface that was the *real* reason why I wasn’t progressing as I thought I wanted to. And as the week went on I found myself spending less and less time thinking, and more time just BEING. I learnt how to take time to not make plans, to do nothing but lie on my belly and watch the crabs playing in the garden, to take life as it comes. I learnt how to open my heart to myself and to others, to just feel without having to analyse or justify or explain *why*.

This retreat was such an surely needed combination of nourishment for my body, mind and soul. The amazing environment, the vibrantly fresh food, the wonderful participants who shared themselves so generously with each other created an incredible vibe, a holistically healing experience that cannot be put into words. I didn’t want to leave, and even before the retreat ended I was planning when I could attend the next one!”

~ Joneen Carnell ,  Science Teacher, Perth, WA