You know those people you’d like to bottle up and take a quick swig of when you’re feeling ungrounded and overwhelmed. When you’re feeling a little lost and directionless. When you’re questioning your path and trying to find clarity. Well this lady is one of mine. I just feel centred and inspired when I’m around her. Like I can do anything, which of course I can. We need these people in our lives, not that they have any idea how much they offer. They’re just doing their thing the best way they know how. But for the rest of us they teach and guide, providing a reflection back to us that is full of anchored beauty. Dipping into that reflection (which really is our own reflection) balances us. Without it toxic voices can creep in and conflicting energy can take over. We return from the connection, and from the reflection, with renewed faith. After venturing out to @alexanehter ‘s magical island and diving into the most magical day (aka one on one yoga and cups of tea in the most zen’d oasis) I have released some self sabotage and am readier than I’ve ever been for my next step. So much love and gratitude to you special lady. You are a true mentor and a ‘juicy’ friend. – Nicky Done (aka @greensoul_xox) /


“Alexa is a significant reason why I have literally had a second chance at this wonderful thing we call life. With Alexa’s inspiration, support and an awesome accessible yoga practice for all levels, in the last 12 months I have lost 70kgs and have adopted a fuss free and healthy lifestyle that enriches my new life.”  – T. Searl


“I come to Alexa’s classes to reconnect myself to myself, so I can be the best version of who I am. Alexa’s classes are the perfect balance of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga. She also offers a beautiful explanation of the science and physiology of each pose, which I feel a lot of people, especially men, find helpful.

Like no other yoga teacher I have ever experienced, Alexa weaves all of these aspects of life and yoga into a flowing, peaceful and challenging practice, delivered with the knowingness of Alexa’s care for each student.

Each practice always seems to be just right. Perhaps this is because Alexa, herself, truly embodies all of these elements, living and breathing them everyday. ~ After each of Alexa’s classes, I come away feeling re-grounded, peaceful, challenged, and content.

I feel empowered enough to try most of what I did in my personal practice, due to Alexa’s care and attention to the right amount of pose-detail.

I feel excited for life and excited to explore the next class and the next chapter of my journey with Yoga. xx much love – you truly are an inspiration Alexa – cannot thank you enough for all you have given me in the world of yoga/life/the crossover of these.” –  Holly Rankin, aka Jack River Singer /Songwriter


“I hear what you don’t from many of your students, and that is what a wonderful teacher you are. I take my hat off to you Alexa you teach every age and level of experience. You are a living example of what yoga can do for you and I thank you for the many hours of classes we have spent together, my body certainly thanks you as does my heart and Spirit.” – Liz Archer


“I want to let you know that the retreat did have a significant impact on me. Having that much time allowed some of the philosophy to sink in and the extended practise brought more of an awakening. The people you chose to work with you all contributed to the overall experience and I am grateful to have been there. Thank you.” – Cate Dunn


“Time .. skill .. care –  they’re the 3 ‘benchmarks’ by which I’ve always rated  ‘professionalism’  and a professional ethic & attitude.  And let me tell you, Alexa, you have those qualities & virtues in absolute abundance.” C. Dominy


How thankful I am to have created the space in my busy life to enjoy one of Alexa’s retreats. With a combination of good company, deliciously nourishing food, instruction and the time just to be, I feel more focused and inspired than I have for years. Alexa is a thoughtful, caring, accomplished guide in the journey to smooth away those outer layers, to be reminded of who you are. ~ Beck Hiley. 

Now, a few words about Alexa, our fantastic yoga teacher who ran our retreat on the weekend. Alexa has a beautiful gentle personality. She is passionate about life and yoga.

I have been to 2 of her retreats and have taken her classes locally. Part of the retreat flow is her glowing smile. She makes yoga pleasant and stress free, exactly what is needed at a yoga retreat……..she definitely made Lou and I feel like we could conquer anything at anytime. ~ Michelina Siriani


“Clean language. This is a new way for me to look at language, brought to my attention by Alexa Nehter. I found her website, I don’t know, looking for recipes or something. She’s a yoga instructor and surfer and, what appears to be, a really good liver of life. In a recent blog she wrote, “I learned it’s important to be mindful of my language. No matter what my mind is doing, I aim to remember to speak the language of love and contribution. The language of love and contribution; it makes so much sense. If the words coming out of my mouth have little daggers on them, it is not a contribution to the environment.” – Melissa Fannin