That too many people are living unfulfilled, unhealthy lives – silently adrift and aching. Knowing in their gut that there’s gotta be something more than this.


That what we’re told by the industries isn’t always helping us. In fact, it’s leaving us disconnected from our bodies, consumed by stress and lacking the energy and drive to fulfill our life’s purpose.


That there are better ways. I believe that clear, vibrant, bounce-out-of-bed-in-the-morning body, mind and soul wellbeing is achievable for all of us. Including you.



My intention is to inspire a passion for yoga.  I believe in the refinement of movement, space and stillness. My aim is to create an atmosphere that leads to learning and growth, fosters community and gives back to others in order to attain sustainable inner peace, health and joy.


My classes reflect the teachings I received in my years as a student of my teachers, Eve Grzybowski & Diane Long, as well as my studies in the Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundalini traditions and KMI Anatomy Trains with Tom Myers, expressed through the lens of my own experience.




My teachings are infused with the elements that inspire me, namely the intelligence and wisdom of nature, anatomical self-awareness, the power of practice (sadhana), the light of the human heart, and the amazing potential of an awakened mind. I do not expect one system offering me the answer.

My Hatha vinyasa classes combine Iyengars’s attention to alignment and detail with a mindful sequenced flow.

My Kundalini yoga classes are the clear reflection of the work of Yogi Bhajan, taught to me by two of his closest students Guru Shabadh Singh Khalsa and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.





Like many journeys of self-discovery, mine started with a tragedy. The loss of my father to cancer in 2000 was the catalyst for the immense growth to come. Back then, I was a cigarette-smoking festival-loving young woman, who suddenly woke up and found herself lost, floundering and father-less. During that time of grief, I travelled to Hawaii. Daily doses of tropical-style love and gratitude acted as a healing balm for my sad-and-sorry spirit. In that raw state, I began to feel things shifting inside of me, almost as though I had become aware of how to align with myself for the first time. This newfound awareness affected not only my external body, but all the pieces inside of me that had previously felt kind of broken. A blossoming. It was the start of my wellness journey, where I realized that alignment with our true selves was possible. But I knew I needed to learn more. This led me to yoga. I took my first Kundalini yoga class in 2002. After the 90 minutes of dynamic asanas, meditation and deep breathing, I found myself in tears of joy and perplexity. Here was a tool that allowed me to get in touch with my true self! I felt like I was sitting on a gold-mine: I knew that I had to learn as much as I could and share this knowledge with others who were yet to experience it. My path of seeking and teaching, inspiring and igniting, had officially begun.




Of course, it wasn’t that easy. In those early years, although I practiced yoga regularly, I was still struggling in other areas of my life. The intensity of my university studies, and the pressure to be a fit and strong PE student began to overwhelm me.




Clearly I had a lot more to learn. I began wandering the world, which opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of life. Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Panama. A year teaching and volunteering in Honduras. Surfing the breathtaking waves off the Fijian island of Tavarua. Living, volunteering and surfing in remote parts of Indonesia, writing my thesis on children in Jakarta. Life was starting to pick up, and I gained momentum. In 2006 I graduated from the University of Flensburg and made my way to Australia where I totally fell in love with the genuine people, invigorating lifestyle, breathtaking nature, fresh fruit and vegetables and world-class waves. I knew, right then and there, that I had found a place that made me feel whole. I stayed.




In a new land, and filled with the urge to discover, I dove deeper into Vipassana meditation, yoga and surfing the incredible waves off the deserted coast of Western Australia. These practices—and Mother Nature herself—helped me to pin down my deep-seated desire: I wanted to help others to listen to their intuition, to find their truth, and to follow their dreams. I wanted to spread the seeds of health and happiness, and enable others to feel this incredible sense of wellbeing. My cup was overflowing and I wanted to share!




Since that point, I have solidified my knowledge through further study, professional experience, spiritual practice and a commitment to ongoing learning. Please click here for a complete list of my qualifications and experience.

I offer classes, workshops, retreats & coachingFor guest posts, interviews or knock-me-off-my-feet ventures contact me here.



German born and raised science and sports educator turned Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, author of The Clean Yogi, speaker and mentor Alexa Nehter engages a wide audience globally with her relatable and encouraging approach to yoga and mindful living.

Alexa believes in the refinement of movement, space and stillness. Her mission is to inspire a passion for yoga in a way that is inclusive, inviting and empowering.  Alexa offers yoga retreats, classes, courses and workshops online and in person world wide.


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