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Jul 13



It’s true, through social media the world has become increasingly posture fixated and  obviously forgot to remember WHY and HOW we came to the mat in the first place.


Of course somebody who’s in a lotus handstand draws more attention than a meditating person. But how realistic, sustainable and functional are those crazy deep postures we often see, compare our practice with and many of my students, and my sometimes own buff ego included, aim to ‘achieve’.


Very often the organic journey of a yogi looks like this: we move from being a beginner, towards more strength, better endurance and through this towards more complex or physically and mentally demanding postures and meditations.


Why are you pushing?

Why? Why are we pushing again? And I won’t exclude myself here, I too have been guilty with obsessing about ‘doing’ a certain pose, rather then becoming myself in whatever shape or mind-state I’m in.


Becoming myself in yoga.

This is what I learned  from my teacher Diane Long (a long time student of Vanda Scaravelli).






Explore openings in the shapes of your body

In this way of practicing we are moving more from within, finding openings in the shapes of our own body (rather going against it). We allow this to happen through sensuous inquiry and kind deepening into our whole being through the natural rhythm of the breath.


I was very lucky 

I learned this way of practicing in my second year of being a yoga teacher, when I visited Diane in Italy for the first time.

I’m not saying ‘I’ve got it’ (because there is no it), but I see yogis moving from understanding movement, learning postures, chanting, different styles, adjustments and approaches to ‘finally get this yoga’ and (unfortunately mostly superficially) dissolving their then perceived limitations and physical challenges trough a dedicated practice – all arriving at the awakening that ‘it always has been there and can only be found when you do it your own way’.



It may take years.

No yoga style, no system, no teacher can explain this as precise as your very own experience. So when you’re practicing, whichever  formula you are following – you’ve gotta let go of all of it. This then is presence. This then is peace. This then is arriving at home. This then is yoga. 


It’s a spontaneous dance 

It takes trust and time to allow to be soft whilst moving to these integral, more sustainable, therapeutic fashion of movement. And it doesn’t look like a classical Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Iyengar practice. It’s more like a spontaneous dance towards your own edges of the poses.


You play and investigate into the uniqueness of your body. 

Fluidity and flow directing us from the deep inside. You move with lightness and stability which all emerges from within. You play, breathe and be in tune with yourself.



What kind of yoga do you practice? What are you getting out of it? Can you imagine to do something differently in your favourite pose or to move in a different manner into and transition out of your triangle? Why not? Do you think it is wrong to listen to your intuitive movement teacher?


As always, comment below, pm me, send me a post card. I love to discuss these things with  you beautiful yogis.


with so much free-moving love,



Dive deeper:


Book: Awakening of the Spine by Vanda Scaravelli











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