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Jan 24




Music, Community & Yoga! You good people know that this event is totally down my alley! As much as I love the depth of experience I have whilst living in an ashram, dedicating 14 h’s of my day to the practice, I believe that we can BE yoga everyday, everywhere, all the time, from moment to moment in our day to day life.


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Wanderlust invites us to do just that. And it’s calling not just the adept yogi and yogini with the most colourful pants or the best acro-yoga move. Wanderlust is for everybody, every body – from all walks of life. If you love music.. come to Wanderlust. If you love healthy and happy food… come to Wanderlust! If you are interested in some yoga… why not come to Wanderlust? Do you like camping? Yes! Come! If you want to do wine tasting with friends you haven’t met yet.. join us at Wanderlust! Whether beginner, professional bikram-yogi or meditation mama – you fit in, with simply ‘fitting out’! That’s what I love about Wanderlust.


The festival is just a few weeks away and I’m itching to get on the island! What a perfect place to host this special event!! Cockatoo Island is in the middle of Sydney!!


I have the privilege to be teaching every day! Hola! Yes, yes! For the cause of  celebrating and uniting diversity, our connection to nature &  you: I absolutely loved creating these very special sessions!


These are beautifully designed classes to get you into the deep yet uplifting groove & move of the festival. Each class has it’s distinct feeling – syncing you into the soul of easeful, elevated, fun, yet earnest moments of consciousness, connection with yourself and your surrounding; as well as a distinct lightness and openheartedness of being.


In addition to my classes I will teach one early morning prana hike.. a yogic breath-walk my retreaters have enjoyed many times.


So here are my classes. Crafted with love, for you.


Wonder-Lust Friday 12 pm @ The Happy Place

Bring more awe into the now! In the days of information overload, we increasingly lose the ability to focus, settle peacefully into quiet, or even listen with true curiosity. This Kundalini-inspired, alignment-based Hatha vinyasa yoga class will identify and shake out patterns that block our ability to wake up, focus, and feel more alive. Through the repeated act of slowing down and finding stillness, experience how the body and mind are being held by the universe and remember that it’s okay to let go and build trust that all things fall into place as they should. Reconnect with wonder as you move into the presence of your own truth: the embodiment of the divine, within and without.


Namast’Hey (co-taught with my lovely friend Amy Landry) Saturday 10 am @ The Haven

Masterclass….. The divine light in me, sees (greets/honours/Hey’s) the divine light in you. Embark on a journey where you can tune into your own authentic, safe alignment, whilst full heartedly dissolving with your surroundings – via the sweet sounds of live music. Drop the chatter and be internally still. Notice the divine light that shines within both you and others. Move in community and unity, breathe in harmony, and let the music carry you away – like a wave of energy, we will ride together.As we meet in this beautiful space, within a precious fleeting moment of time, we will join together to open our inner eyes and our hearts. Connect with your true self, with each other, and with all the divine beauty that surrounds us. Namast’hey!


Weightlessness Sunday 8 am @ The Happy Place

Like a surfer riding a wave, you learn how to be committedly grounded on your feet, yet ultra light and open in your postures and movements. While we flow through a fluid practice, using the simple principles of holistic alignment and mindful movement, we allow lightness and openness, steadiness and ease into all postures. Through an exploration of the qualities that build the foundation of our ever-evolving yoga practice and the way how we live —qualities such as curiosity, courage, confidence, faith, self compassion, emancipation, and community— we will play not only with making every move more effortless, but also with bringing this liberating lightness into every day.


Sync In Saturday 6.30 am @ The TrailHead 

During this hike we will synchronise our steps and our breath, with a mantra and different mudras to quieten the chatter within and to awaken to the amazing world that surrounds us. Once we have found our rhythm we will bust a few outdoor yoga moves that will help us to feel more immersed in the moment and in space.


Check out the entire Wanderlust schedule here! Make sure to book your sessions early – the’re only limited spaces available!

See you there lovers!

Namaste & Aloha!










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