what I teach is not a method or style and has no form

what I teach is not a method or style and has no form hover background

Jan 12



It is a methodical and personal interaction; it’s the passing on what I learned, something that you can use in every form or method of movement.


I’m teaching a quality of movement.

It’s not a belief system or science. There is no philosophy. It is an approach, a questioning and a finding of  answers that we interpret in the moment and integrate in a  single whole. You are an explorer; you are exploring yourself through the movement of your body.


You can increase your performance as an athlete. You can be your own body therapist. You will increase your quality of living and your health. It is healing to integrate our scientific research results into our own life. We look at the almost undetectable development of a movement; it’s birth in our body and our world.


I’m teaching tools. No method.

It’s an exploration of how we move our own body-world through the body of the world. What I teach doesn’t add anything to other styles of movement methods, but it frees up a lot. Through my approach your potential is released and fully unfolds. It’s not a concept or an idea. It’s the cultivation of a natural basic dynamic of the energies of the universe.

Allow your mind and spirit to let go and allow yourself to be in the moment.

What I try to do is to bring spirituality, the ancient teachings of yoga and the latest scientific insights from bodywork and yoga therapy to you.

It’s a delicate journey and balancing act. But I want my students to understand more than just theory. Yoga is practice of living with full awareness and in complete mindfulness.


In a way I’m a traditionalist. Nevertheless I have a love for the insights  of modern science and metaphysics.  

My teachings are informed by the work of Tom Myers and the sciences of movement influenced by Hatha, Kundalini, Iyengar and Vinyasa Yoga as well as by my students and teachers. I have learned from my experiences and lessons moving barefoot on land and in and on water.

Kundalini and shakti energy, the chakras, chi, the vayus, fascial meridians, bio-tensegrity — they are all talking about one thing: energy in motion, energy in relation, and the transformational nature of energy.


None is my invention, but  what I teach is my most vital understanding of all these things in the moment.

They are principles that inform our pose with smart physical alignment tools, mindfulness and energetic experience. They are simple, yet these simplistic principles allow the practitioner to approach yoga, any style and tradition, and to deepen and open up.

The yoga lineage I practice  can be traced back to Hatha-Iyengar Yoga, Krichnamacharya’s tradition and Kundalini yoga. Expressed as a intelligent flow of movements with simple, yet not simplistic principles.

As a student you  learn how to move with awareness, safely and intelligently. As a yoga teacher, you will discover how to grow in your yoga practice and how to teach your students and yourself in a way that is accessible, inviting and informed, which will allow your students to deepen their practice, confidence and growth.


I’m looking forward to meeting you on this journey.


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